I’ve 20 years experience in the field of digital and print communications.

I began my career as a newspaper reporter before working as a researcher, a press officer, a web designer, and content and copywriter.

I’ve written copy and designed websites for businesses, trade associations, arts organisations, political parties, schools and charities in Britain, America and Israel.

I’m also an experienced feature writer, writing about technology, design, politics, economics and culture for publications including The New European, openDemocracy, CityMetric, The Calvert Journal and Net Magazine. I’ve also helped set up a digital magazine, Sceptical Scot.

All of my commercial writing is motivated by the challenge of finding words that serve a purpose, whether it be to intrigue, inform, persuade or sell.

And whatever I’m writing, I follow the same simple process: research, write and revise. And if necessary revise again.

My full profile is available on LinkedIn. You can also find me on Twitter. An archive of my feature writing is available at Metropolis2520.

Justin Reynolds