Justin Reynolds / content and feature writer

I’m a content and feature writer working in East Anglia. I write about technology, business, politics, economics, design, culture and the future. I’m particularly interested in how today’s emerging technologies are shaping and are being shaped by our political and economic systems. This site archives my recent work.


I’ve written for publications including CityMetricThe New European, openDemocracy, The Calvert Journal, The Fabian Society, New Socialist, New Left Projectnet Magazine, The Norwich Radical and Social Europe. When I worked in Edinburgh I co-founded the digital magazine Sceptical Scot to provide a non-partisan forum for Scotland’s ongoing independence debate.

You’ll find my latest published work here and occasional writing that doesn’t appear elsewhere. I’ve picked out a few featured items showcasing the variety of writing I’ve done over the past couple of years.

Content writing and web design

When not writing features I work as a content writer and web designer for clients in Norwich, East Anglia and beyond. Unless otherwise stated I took and edited the photos and designed the graphics that appear on this site.

Please get in touch through my contact page. I’m also on Twitter and LinkedIn.