Services / Web content

Your website is the world’s window on your company, organisation, product or service.

It’s a single star in a vast constellation, so your content must be good.

I’ll write website copy that informs, engages and persuades, speaking consistently in your brand’s voice from the home page to the contact page.

I’ll help identify and write content that gets shared, like intriguing blog posts, useful FAQs and informative product pages.

And I’ll structure your content to ensure search engines can find it easily and help give it the ranking it deserves.

Justin was absolutely key to the launch of Sceptical Scot, taking charge of designing the site, implementing the WordPress theme and setting up our social media accounts. Without him we would never have surfaced and, three years later, we have not only survived but strengthened. He has a distinct flair for design but he is also an extraordinarily elegant and insightful writer, as he has proved on our pages over the past two years. David Gow, Sceptical Scot, Social Europe, The Guardian