‘Ecological Leninism’: on waging war against the common cause of corona and the climate crisis

A ferocious polemic by Andreas Malm summons the imagery of Soviet war communism to impress the urgency of acting against the runaway extraction that links corona and climate

People’s Power: taking control of the energy transition

A new book by Ashley Dawson argues that only public control can stop the drift and steer the world towards sustainability

The Economics of Oil and Gas

A review of a new book providing a helpful reference guide to the complex economics of the hydrocarbons sector

The Sirens of Mars: Searching for Life on Another Planet

A review of Sarah Stewart Johnson’s lyrical reflection on the hopes and fears generations of observers have projected onto the red planet

Boreholes, bottles and black alders: what will be left of us a million years from now

What traces of our energy infrastructure will be discernable in the far future? – a review of David Farrier’s Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils

‘Mesmerising worlds of gears, springs, wheels and ratchets’: a cultural history of engineering

An informative history of engineering by oil executive turned writer John Browne pays too little attention to the discipline’s political dimension

Go Invest Green: how we can make our savings work for a sustainable world

An introduction to the power of finance to fund a sustainable economic system, and an invitation to join the Go Invest Green initiative offering guidance on switching to a green pension