Gently sceptical thoughts on investment and the wider world of finance – previously on my Medium publication The Patient Investor, now in the ETF Insider magazine.

Investing to Save the Planet: a review of a new guide to the world of green finance

My review of a new book on green investment by Financial Times journalist Alice Ross, written for the Go Invest Green pensions project I’ve been working on this year.

The Economics of Oil and Gas

A review of a new book providing a helpful reference guide to the complex economics of the hydrocarbons sector

Boreholes, bottles and black alders: what will be left of us a million years from now

What traces of our energy infrastructure will be discernable in the far future? – a review of David Farrier’s Footprints: In Search of Future Fossils

‘Mesmerising worlds of gears, springs, wheels and ratchets’: a cultural history of engineering

An informative history of engineering by oil executive turned writer John Browne pays too little attention to the discipline’s political dimension

Go Invest Green: how we can make our savings work for a sustainable world

An introduction to the power of finance to fund a sustainable economic system, and an invitation to join the Go Invest Green initiative offering guidance on switching to a green pension