Here’s the process I follow for all content and copywriting projects, with a note about my daily rate and charging policy.

Your enquiry

When you contact me about a possible project we’ll speak so I can get a clear idea of what you need and whether I can help. If you’re in London I’d be glad to meet in person. Otherwise we can speak using Skype, BlueJeans, Zoom or whatever conferencing app you use.

The brief

Before I write a word I need to know as much as possible about your company, organisation, product, service, and readership. I need information about:

  • Your organisation and brand.
  • Your target reader. What do they want? What are their concerns? How will your product or service make their life better? How are they missing out by not having it?
  • What do you want your copy to do? To generate enquiries and sales? To build brand recognition? To keep your audience informed? To make a sale?
  • What are the features of your product or service? How do they set it apart? What benefits do they offer your customers?
  • Where will the text I write appear? On your website? In a printed publication?
  • When do you need the work to be completed?

I’ve written a page setting out in detail the kind of information I need to get started.

From brief to project plan

Once I’ve got a good idea of what you want I will write a project plan setting out our mutual commitments. I’ll specify the information I need from you, and propose a timetable and a payment schedule.

Once you’ve approved the document, and paid a deposit for the work I’ll do (please see below), I’ll get started.

Research and writing

I’ll do the research necessary to complete the work, using information you supply me, and, if appropriate, interviews with you, your staff and your customers.

Your comments

I’ll submit the completed text for you to review and make revisions in light of your feedback. If the project requirements have changed by this point I’ll need to charge for the additional work.

A note about cost

I usually charge according to a pre-agreed flat rate set out in the project plan. That’s fair for you if it is going to take a little longer to complete the agreed work than we originally anticipated. And it’s fair for me if the project is completed a little earlier.

I’ll ask for 50% of the total fee to be paid at the outset of the project, and will submit an invoice for the rest when the project is complete.

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