Block Energy

I redesigned and rewrote the content for the website of an exploration and production company serving Georgia’s energy market

Client: Block Energy

Hurricane Energy

The rise and fall – and possible rise – of an oil and gas independent seeking to bring revolutionary drilling technologies to the North Sea

Client: Total Market Solutions

Power Metal Resources

An overview of a company mining in Australia, Africa and North America for lithium, cobalt, nickel and other metals critical for the energy transition

Client: Total Market Solutions

Pineapple Power

A look at a new company investing in vanadium flow batteries offering the revolutionary promise of 100% zero-carbon electricity grids

Client: Total Market Solutions

Katoro Gold

The prospects for a gold and nickel exploration and development company in Tanzania seeking to move into the battery metals space

Client: Total Market Solutions

SPE Review Jul/Aug 2020

A review of The Economics of Oil and Gas, a book by Xiaoyi Mu attempting to disentangle the byzantine economics of the hydrocarbons sector

Client: Society of Petroleum Engineers

Block Energy

The prospects for an oil and gas independent working to establish a foothold in Georgia and serve the growing energy market of the Caucasus region

Client: Total Market Solutions

Go Invest Green

A Medium essay giving an introduction to the power of green investment for a new website – currently in development – providing guidance on green pensions

Client: Go Invest Green

Eco (Atlantic)

The prospects for an oil and gas independent operating in the waters of the Guyana-Suriname basin off the north coast of South America

Client: Total Market Solutions

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