Market-cap weighted: the best approach for investors?

It may seem timeless but the standard index fund has always evolved in response to market pressures

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Ascent Resources

An oil and gas exploration and production company working to disentangle contractual disputes that have checked the development of its Slovenian operations

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CleanTech Lithium

Concerns about state interference may have been overplayed for this new start aspiring to mine one of the world’s most critical battery metals in Chile’s salt plains

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A long-time investor favourite and strong dividend payer that has taken the market by surprise announcing its intention to de-list from AIM

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Tungsten West

Attempting a delicate financial balancing act to restart production at the highly prospective Hemerdon tungsten and tin mine in Devon

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Mosman Oil & Gas

An exploration company that has added an intriguing dimension to its portfolio through the development of helium and hydrogen prospects in Australia

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BSF Enterprise

The prospects for a UK-based biotech that made headlines earlier this year having claimed to have produced the first ever steak fillet of cultivated meat

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Parkmead Group

As gas prices continue to fall back to earth, are this company’s fundamentals strong enough to revive interest in a share price that has tumbled over the past six months?

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Is the gold rally here to stay?

A close look at the best known small cap gold miners – a means of investing in gold offering an alternative to the majors, funds and ETFs

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