Small cap Covid stocks

A look at five small caps that seem well placed to benefit from the next phase of the battle – the focus on diagnostics and anti-virus treatments

Client: Total Market Solutions

Zumo Money

An article for a new publication looking at the efforts of one cryptocurrency start-up to make their service as ecologically sustainable as possible

Client: FLIP Magazine

Chaarat Gold Holdings

A look at the chequered fortunes of a gold mining company with development assets set in the spectacular mountain ranges of the Kyrgyz Republic in central Asia

Client: Total Market Solutions

Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies

An update on a newly listed cannabis company after news of research partnerships and significant interest from a major FTSE 100 company

Client: Total Market Solutions

Lexington Gold

Another look at a miner bringing contemporary mining technology to the historic sites of the 19th century US gold rush in North and South Carolina

Client: Total Market Solutions

Prospex Energy

A company continuing to make quiet progress towards its objective of building a portfolio of revenue generating natural gas plants in Spain and Italy

Client: Total Market Solutions

Asiamet Resources

The prospects for an emerging producer focused on the development of a portfolio of copper, copper-gold and polymetallic deposits in Indonesia

Client: Total Market Solutions

Oil & gas and small caps

2021 has been another tumultuous year for oil & gas: a look at what ever tougher environmental regulations and rising oil prices mean for small cap investors

Client: Total Market Solutions

Contango Holdings

A look at a company selling coking and metallurgical coal to the Southern Africa steel industry and a consideration of the environmental implications

Client: Total Market Solutions

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