I write about market trends, investment strategies, and particular sectors and companies including mining, oil and gas, electric vehicles, wind, solar, biotech and fintech.

I’m an advocate of passive investment strategies, which I believe are the best option for the great majority of investors. I edit a Medium publication – The Patient Investor – presenting a sceptic’s thoughts on the fathomless complexity of the markets, and the futility – for most! – of the quest to beat them.

I came to finance writing after more than 20 years work in the fields of investor relations, website content editing, design, public affairs, political research and journalism.

Long form and editorial

I have experience writing articles, features, essays, blogs and commentary. I have worked as an investor relations manager for an energy start-up, and have written for publications including The New European, openDemocracy, CityMetric, The Calvert Journal and Net Magazine.

Website content

I can write your website content and keep it ticking over with blog posts and other updates, ensuring a consistent voice speaks across all pages. I have many years of web design experience and know how to structure web content for ease of reading and search engines.

Press releases & market updates

As a former communications officer at a fast-growing energy start-up I know the importance of ensuring press releases and market updates strike the right tone. I can work with you to craft finely judged announcements that engage and convince, but do not oversell.

Reports and presentations

As a long-time web designer I know how words work with layout, type and image. I can write the text for your leaflets, brochures, catalogues, annual reports, presentations, white papers and product information sheets.

Justin is an extraordinarily elegant and insightful writer, as he has proved on our pages over the past two years. He can cover a wide range of subjects encompassing business, economics, politics and culture.

David Gow | Editor, Social Europe | Former Europe Editor, The Guardian

Justin is fantastic. The quality of content provided from limited information given is outstanding. Always energetic and with a 'can do attitude' he gives me the ideas and the words for the results I want!

David Burton | CEO, Total Market Solutions

Justin's advanced digital skills and eloquent content writing have helped develop Block Energy's voice and image over the past few years. He is always a pleasure to work with - punctual and professional.

Paul Haywood | CEO, Block Energy

Justin is an enthusiastic and insightful business writer: his articles and reviews are among the most eye-catching pieces in the SPE London Review. He has written on topics ranging from big data to the energy transition with intelligence and style.

Elizaveta Poliakova | Editor, SPE London Review

You can contact me on Zoom, Skype or whatever app you use. If you’re in London I’m happy to meet in person.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Medium, where I post many of the articles I write for my blog. Before specialising in finance I wrote features for various publications, links to which are archived at justinreynoldsessays.com.

I’ve worked as a web designer as well as a writer, and continute to offer a WordPress design service for small to medium sized organisations.

Justin Reynolds