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Sunrise Resources

A prospective supplier of pozzolan and perlite, sourced from naturally occurring volcanic ash and pumice offering the promise of a new ‘green concrete’

Client: Total Market Solutions

Union Jack Oil

A British energy company that has come good just as the UK’s pressing need for indigenous oil and gas has become apparent and energy prices are soaring

Client: Total Market Solutions

Mobile Streams

A mobile content and data intelligence company reinventing itself by embracing the metaverse, blockchain, NFTs and other avant garde technologies

Client: Total Market Solutions

Eco (Atlantic) Oil & Gas

An oil and gas exploration company focused on Atlantic margin basins that has been one AIM’s more interesting speculative plays for some time

Client: Total Market Solutions

The Enduring Value of Gold

Enigmatic as ever gold has not been a guaranteed haven during the market downturn, but it has proved its enduring value against bitcoin – will it rise further?

Client: Total Market Solutions

President Energy

Oil and gas shares are booming but this South America focused veteran has stalled – with new wells on stream and a green energy spin-out is it time to look again?

Client: Total Market Solutions

SPACs: Down But Not Out

The Special Purpose Acquisition Companies boom is another casualty of this year’s shake out of speculative stocks – I consider the prospects for renewal

Client: Total Market Solutions

Power Metal Resources

A company with a wide range of interests but with a new focus on its uranium interests, in demand as governments turn to nuclear as a green energy

Client: Total Market Solutions

Panther Metals

Continuing to elaborate the promise of a set of assets prospective for gold, copper, nickel and PGM metals compiled over two years of intense deal-making

Client: Total Market Solutions

The Poets’ Guide to Economics

John Ramsden’s new book takes an engaging look at what poets from Daniel Defoe to Ezra Pound have had to say about ‘the dismal science’

Simple But Not Easy: a second edition of a cult investment classic

A new edition of Richard Oldfield’s popular guide to investment continues to fly the flag for active management and the value style

A World After Liberalism

In the light of the Ukraine invasion an excursion into politics to look at a new book delving into the intellectual roots of today’s conservative nationalist movements