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Ascent Resources

An oil and gas exploration and production company working to disentangle contractual disputes that have checked the development of its Slovenian operations

Client: Total Market Solutions

CleanTech Lithium

Concerns about state interference may have been overplayed for this new start aspiring to mine one of the world’s most critical battery metals in Chile’s salt plains

Client: Total Market Solutions


A long-time investor favourite and strong dividend payer that has taken the market by surprise announcing its intention to de-list from AIM

Client: Total Market Solutions

Tungsten West

Attempting a delicate financial balancing act to restart production at the highly prospective Hemerdon tungsten and tin mine in Devon

Client: Total Market Solutions

Mosman Oil & Gas

An exploration company that has added an intriguing dimension to its portfolio through the development of helium and hydrogen prospects in Australia

Client: Total Market Solutions

BSF Enterprise

The prospects for a UK-based biotech that made headlines earlier this year having claimed to have produced the first ever steak fillet of cultivated meat

Client: Total Market Solutions

How to Fund the Life You Want: a review

Robin Powell and Jonathan Hollow’s new book on financial planning isn’t afraid to spell out the right and wrong ways to invest

How to Invest: a review

A new book in The Economist series offers a comprehensive guide to investment principles but is perhaps not for the complete beginner

The space economy: real and imagined

What the Starship launch indicates about the future of investing in the space industry