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The broken mechanism – the legacy of Daniel Kahneman

Reflecting on the legacy of one of the founders of behavioural finance, and author of Thinking, Fast and Slow, who passed earlier this year

Client: ETF Insider

RUA Life Sciences

Now might be the time to consider taking a position in a company that may be on the cusp of confirming transformative contracts

Client: Total Market Solutions

ECR Minerals

ECR seems well placed to roll out a busy programme for 2024 with a set of promising assets and money in the bank

Client: Total Market Solutions

BSF Enterprise

BSFA’s fundamental case remains strong – a UK-based pioneer of technologies capable of breaking into vast markets

Client: Total Market Solutions


With Bitcoin continuing to surge with the next halving approaching is sector veteran Coinsilium in the right place at the right time?

Client: Total Market Solutions

Lithium small caps to watch

With signs of recovery in the lithium market here are four sector small caps to look out for

Client: Total Market Solutions

The wisdom of ignorance

An emerging academic field looks to the past to shed new light on why today’s markets are so hard to read

Client: ETF Insider

URA Holdings

Since making a potentially transformative acquisition URAH has made solid progress towards bringing a flagship mine back into production on a modest budget

Client: Total Market Solutions

Ascent Resources

AST has opened a new window to potential investors with plans to participation ina damages claim against the Republic of Slovenia potentially worth €500m

Client: Total Market Solutions

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Should passive investments be taxed?

Are index funds parasites free-riding on the active stock pickers who do the hard work of identifying value? Yes, according to one controversial proposal

What would a Labour government mean for investors?

Investors seem to have little to fear from a Starmer administration keen to emphasise its commitment to fiscal responsibility

How to invest in China (the easy way)

For long-term investors the balance of power between China and the West matters less than the continued growth of the global economy