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Empire Metals

Consolidating its presence in Western Australia, working to open up what the company hopes will prove a rich seam of new gold and copper prospects

Client: Total Market Solutions

Canadian Overseas Petroleum

A company with a mixed reputation in the markets but a set of intriguing assets last year across Wyoming’s productive Powder River Basin

Client: Total Market Solutions

Poolbeg Pharma

A capital light start-up making quiet progress this year towards defining three new candidate biotechnologies and an array of other initiatives

Client: Total Market Solutions

Seeing Machines

Developing AI-powered Driver Monitoring Systems that monitor drivers and pilots, signalling alerts when the possibility of error is detected

Client: Total Market Solutions

Capital Metals

Continues to close in on turning a prospective mineral sands project in Sri Lanka into reality, publishing analyses confirming the resource’s potential

Client: Total Market Solutions

Chesterfield Resources

A company that has recalibrated its strategy as it works towards realising the potential of copper and gold projects in Canada and Cyprus

Client: Total Market Solutions


A company that seems to be delivering with the signing of a major Sale and Purchase Agreement with Angola’s national oil company this spring

Client: Total Market Solutions

Contango Holdings

A company making steady progress towards unlocking the potential of a coking coal project in Zimbabwe, winning its first offtake agreement

Client: Total Market Solutions

Sunrise Resources

A prospective supplier of pozzolan and perlite, sourced from naturally occurring volcanic ash and pumice offering the promise of a new ‘green concrete’

Client: Total Market Solutions

Why the New Deal Matters: a review

Political historian Eric Rauchway argues for the continued relevance of the New Deal as a symbol of the capacity of democratic states to restore confidence in times of crisis

The Poets’ Guide to Economics

John Ramsden’s new book takes an engaging look at what poets from Daniel Defoe to Ezra Pound have had to say about ‘the dismal science’

Simple But Not Easy: a second edition of a cult investment classic

A new edition of Richard Oldfield’s popular guide to investment continues to fly the flag for active management and the value style