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On Micro-caps and the Markets

The hard evidence shows that – in the longer term – nimble micro-cap stocks have the capacity to outperform the wider market through turbulent times

Client: Total Market Solutions

Prospex Energy

Europe’s ongoing energy crisis may be transformational for this producer working to unlock the full potential of natural gas projects in Spain and Italy

Client: Total Market Solutions

Bluejay Mining

The prospects for a company with what seems to be a cluster of intriguing assets in Greenland and Finland prospective for titanium, nickel, copper and other metals

Client: Total Market Solutions

Chesterfield Resources

An exploration and development company working to realise the full promise of prospective copper and gold projects in Canada and Cyprus

Client: Total Market Solutions

Jangada Mines

Jangada continues its quest to join a select group of vanadium suppliers serving the market for battery storage that keeps renewables going through all weathers

Client: Total Market Solutions

Union Jack Oil

A well-established UK oil and gas producer well positioned to take advantage of Britain’s continued – and immediate – need for fossil fuels

Client: Total Market Solutions


A micro-caps investment fund with an array of holdings in gold, copper, lithium, nickel and tin positioned to take advantage of soaring commodity prices

Client: Total Market Solutions

Sunrise Resources

Another look at a company mining pozzolan and perlite – constituents for ‘green concrete’ – that also has interests in gold, silver and other minerals

Client: Total Market Solutions

Angus Energy

The outlook for a company on the cusp of first gas at Saltfleetby and weighing a proposed takeover by a fellow gas development enterprise

Client: Total Market Solutions

A World After Liberalism

In the light of the Ukraine invasion an excursion into politics to look at a new book delving into the intellectual roots of today’s conservative nationalist movements

Making the case for long-term value investing – again

A new book by Jim Cullen, founder of New York-based Schafer Cullen Capital Management, restates the case for classic value investment principles

Share Power: a manifesto for giving control back to private investors

A new book by MoneyWeek editor Merryn Somerset Webb argues we can assert agency over companies through truly representative share ownership