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ECR Minerals

A minerals exploration company with prospects in Queensland consistently indicating prospectivity for gold and Rare Earth Elements

Client: Total Market Solutions

Predator Oil & Gas

A Morocco-focused development company that might be due another run after concluding a £10m placing to fund continued exploration

Client: Total Market Solutions

Remembering Harry Markowitz: Maker of modern portfolio theory

The late Chicago economist who showed the benefits of prioritising portfolio design over the selection of individual stocks

Client: ETF Insider

Bushveld Minerals

A once popular South African vanadium trade looking ahead with a new management team after a tough couple of years

Client: Total Market Solutions

Benjamin Graham: Passive Advocate?

The ‘father of value investing’ became ever more sceptical about stock picking – but would he have endorsed index funds?

Client: ETF Insider

Tower Resources

Continuing to struggle against the tide of exceptional industry conditions to begin drilling an enticing near term prospect offshore Cameroon

Client: Total Market Solutions

Should passive investments be taxed?

Are index funds parasites free-riding on the active stock pickers who do the hard work of identifying value? Yes, according to one controversial proposal

What would a Labour government mean for investors?

Investors seem to have little to fear from a Starmer administration keen to emphasise its commitment to fiscal responsibility

How to invest in China (the easy way)

For long-term investors the balance of power between China and the West matters less than the continued growth of the global economy