Panther Metals

An interview with the CEO of Panther Metals, a mining startup exploring for gold in Canada and Australia whose progress has impressed the markets

Client: Total Market Solutions

SPE Review May/June 2020

An article on big tech and big oil and a review of John Browne’s cultural history of engineering, ‘Make, Think Imagine: Engineering the Future of Civilization’

Client: Society of Petroleum Engineers

Union Jack Oil

A review of the prospects for Union Jack Oil, one of the oil and gas independents exploring the highly prospective West Newton field near the Humber

Client: Total Market Solutions

Jangada Mines

A look at a company mining for vanadium, palladium and other rare metals that will be critical for utility scale batteries, solar and other renewables

Client: Total Market Solutions


The prospects for a company financing a cluster of start-ups pioneering the development of cell-cultivated meat, seafood, milk and leather

Client: Total Market Solutions

Edenville Energy

A study of a mining firm developing assets in Tanzania serving markets in the land-locked neighbouring countries of Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda and Kenya

Client: Total Market Solutions


Copywriting and design for a new website for a Norweigan company pioneering integrated cloud software for automated well planning and drilling operations

Client: Oliasoft

Rockhopper Exploration

Considering the future of an AIM-listed oil and gas company best known for making the first commercial oil discovery near the Falkland Islands

Client: Total Market Solutions

Westminster Group

A look at the opportunities for a company supplying virus-screening equipment for airports and other public spaces newly in demand since the Covid-19 outbreak

Client: Total Market Solutions

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